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In 1735 it was the site of the first settlement, called Saint George.


The area was first explored in 1605. St.George's Fort or blockhouse was built at the head of the St.George River in Thomaston, about 1720. It was used in the early settlements days of the area which was known at that time as St.George's [now comprising Warren, Thomaston, Rockland, South Thomaston, Cushing and St.George].

The town of Thomaston, incorporated in 1777, originally included the modern territory of Rockland. On the 28th of July, 1848 the eastern portion of Thomaston became East Thomaston, and on the 17th of July, 1850, East Thomaston was officially changed to Rockland. The town of Thomaston was a thriving town long before it was incorporated.

Thomaston Historical Data


Thomaston, with its antique shops and 19th century downtown, is one of New England's most historic seafaring towns It is situated on St. George River,on Highway #1 SW of Highway #131. Some of it's other waterways are Mill River and Branch, West & Meadow Brooks. The mansion of General Knox has been made a historic site.


For either of these use the following addresses:

            For 1636-1760 write York County Clerk's Office, Alfred, ME 04002

            For 1761-1827 write Lincoln County Clerk's Office, Wiscasset, ME 04578

            For 1827-1860 write Waldo County Clerk's Office, Belfast, ME 04915

            For 1860-present write Knox County Clerk's Office, Rockland, ME 04841
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            Other town and county clerks are presumed similar. I will be researching this further.

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Vital Statistics for Thomaston

1700 to 1900

Thomaston Historical Society

'Rockland Courier Gazette',1897 to present plus an earlier paper from 1861'

Microfilm. Births, Marriages and Deaths

Rockland Public Library

'Vital Records Published in Rockland, Maine, Prior to 1892', The Rockland Courier Gazette's Births, Marriages and Deaths 1846 to 1892

Charles Candage

Malcolm Jackson

Knox County Census Lookups, maximum 5


Ann Davis

'Thomaston Recorder, of Thomaston, Me. The newspaper's marriages and deaths from 1837-1846, indexed

Steven Sullivan

Malcolm Jackson

Town Records from 1749 to 1892. This includes births, deaths and marriages that were registered in the office of the Thomaston town clerk. Indexed



'Thomaston, Rockland, & South Thomaston', 1865

Cyrus Eaton

Sena Spear Havasy   

'Thomaston City Directories' 1931,
1937, 1939, 1940, & 1942 through 1985, except 1956.

Specify town, year & surname

George F. Bacon
Lists residents and businesses alphabetically and by street"

Edward J. Walsh History Center

Knox County Directory, 1927

Specify town, year, & surname

Edward J. Walsh History Center

Rockland and Thomaston (Maine) Directory, 1952

H. A. Manning Company

Edward J. Walsh History Center

'Thomaston Scrapbook'
2 Vol, Unindexed

F.L.S.Morse, 1977, Thomaston Historical Soc.

Edward J. Walsh History Center

Thomaston Cemetery Surname Index


Mac Jackson

'The Finns Among Us'Thomaston, Union, & Warren Maine'

Art Jura

Lynn Allen, Vose Librarian

'The Mount Desert Widow' with surname index, an attempt to update Eaton


Malcolm Jackson