The Rockland area was first explored in 1605. The town of Warren, incorporated in 1776, originally included the modern territory of Rockland. in March of 1777 the Mill River portion became Thomaston. On the 18th of July, 1848 the eastern portion of Thomaston became East Thomaston, and on the 17th of July, 1850, East Thomaston was officially changed to Rockland.



It is situated on the coast at the intersections of highways #1, #17, & #72. It encompasses the Breakwater Light, Dodge Mountain, Benner Hill, Meadow Brook, the East Branch of Oyster River and Upper Oyster River. There are ferries to Vinalhaven and Northhaven.

Annually Rockland hosts a Blues Festival in July and a Lobster Festival in August.


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For Photocopies of local Births, Marriages and Deaths contact the Rockland City Clerk , at 170 Pleasant Street, Rockland, Maine 04841,
207-594-0304, FX 207-594-9481,
Hours: Monday - Friday 8 AM - 4:30PM

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  • For information on Probate Records contact the Probate Court. Request a photocopy of the 'Petition for Distribution or Administration' or 'Account of Administration' , (whichever is available), for the deceased individual. (Addresses below)

    For 1636-1760 write York County Probate Court, 45 Kennebunk Road, Alfred, ME 04002   
    Phone 207-324-1577  Fax 207-324-0163 Hours 8:20-4:20 Eastern

    For 1761-1860 write Lincoln County Probate Court, Box 149, Wiscasset, ME 04578      
    Phone 207-882-7392   Fax 207-882-4324 Hours 8-4 Eastern

    For 1860-present write Knox County Probate Court, 61 Union St., Rockland, ME 04841   
    Phone (207) 594-0427 (207) 594-0444, Fax (207) 594-0863, Hours 8-4 Eastern

    For information on Deeds of Land contact the Registrar of Deeds.
    Request a photocopy of the record for that individual

    For 1626-1760 write York County Registrar of Deeds, Box 229, Alfred, ME 04001-0299    Fax 207-324-2886   Phone 207-324-1574   Hours 8:20-4:20 Eastern

    For 1761-1860 write Lincoln County Registrar of Deeds, 21 High St., Box 149, Wiscasset, ME 04578      
    Phone 107-881-7421 or 107-881-7515  Fax 107-881-4061  Hours 8-4 Eastern

    For 1860-present write Knox County Registrar of Deeds, 61 Union St., Rockland, ME 04841   
    Phone 107-594-0411, Fax 107-594-0446, Hours 8-4 Eastern

    Rockland Public Library , 80 Union St., Rockland, 04841, 107-544-0210

    "Rockland Historical Society." , Rockland Public Library, 80 Union St., Rockland, 04841, 107-594-0211

    Shore Village Historical Museum, Rockland, 04841, 107-821-4818

  • The Camden Area History Center has been renamed the Edward J. Walsh History Center, Heather Bilodeau, Director, and has been relocated to new quarters at the Camden Public Library. It is located on the 2nd Floor, 55 Main Street, Camden, ME 04842 and is open Tuesday-Saturday 12:00 to 4:00. Contact 207-236-3440 or

    (Main library hours are Monday-Saturday 9:30-5:00, Tuesday and Thursday evenings until 8:00, Sunday 1:00-5:00.)

    Go to Edward J. Walsh History Center, then click on search our collection” on the right hand side. This will take you to the interactive searchable database. Type in any search word (for example Babb] and it will pop up all items associated with that term. It does not, however, search an items contents.

  • The Rockland Courier Gazette was bought out by Village Soup at the end of June 2008. Then, 6 months later, the name was changed over to The Herald Gazette, merging the Courier Gazette and the Camden Herald.

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