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Old Meduncook Plantation


The area was first explored in 1605. The town of Warren, incorporated in 1776, originally included the modern territory of Friendship. It was known as Meduncook prior to 1807.

I am interested in information shedding light on a small stone fort on Martin's Point in Friendship. With fewer spruce trees it would have overlooked that entrance to Friendship harbor and the Pemaquid side of Muscongus Bay . To me it appears too small for guns, but might have been an observation point -- I have always suspected during the French and Indian Wars or the War of 1812.

It would stand to reason that there are many of these in the area, and others may have information about them or may be wondering about them as well. I was told by a family elder that there was once an article in Downeast Magazine about such small forts. My family has spent summers in Friendship for nearly a century, and this fort has always been there. My family refers to it as the "Indian Rock," suggesting that we'd considered it ancient from the first time any of us saw it.

This isn't a geneology question, but it might be of interest to others researching local history.

Peter Evans


Friendship lies between Muscongus Bay and the Friendship River. Cranberry, Long, Otter & Moss Islands are included in it's territoy and Franklin Island Light, one of Knox Counties fourteen lighthouses, is situated there.