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Appleton, Maine

An Inland Community of Great Charm

The area was first explored in 1605. With Hope, it was once called Barrettstown. The town of Warren, incorporated in 1776, originally included the modern territory of Appleton, among others. Appleton was incorporated on the 28th of January, 1829.

It is inland on the banks of the St.Georges River and can be reached by #105 or #131. Among it's watery gems are Newbert, Mill & Upper Senebec Ponds.

  • Mildred Stevens Williams Memorial Library, 2916 Sennebec Rd., Appleton, ME 04862, phone 207-785-5656, The "About the Town" button on the left leads to, among other things, pictures of Old Appleton and a list of the cemeteries.